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  • As a Professional Triathlon Coach, I am often asked by my athletes for a referral to a Massage Therapist.  I was pleased to discover Neurosport added Stacey to their top notch line-up of professionals. Stacey  was able to really help work out the issues I was having with my neck and back.  She also gave me three specific stretches to do at home to improve my range of motion.  I will now be visiting Stacey on a regular basis.  I highly recommend her services for anyone!  I especially recommend athletes to utilize Stacey's services on a regular basis.

    Mari Fridenmaker - Triathlon coach and Patient
  • Stacey Henke at Neurosport Physical Therapy is fantastic!  Stacey is extremely knowledgeable and experienced.  Deep tissue is her speciality.  She is able to release tension in the tightest of muscles.  She is also very effective in managing tennis elbow.  She is truly the best massage therapist I have experienced, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

    Kary Eaton - Patient