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  • I was very impressed with the thorough evaluation, measuring process and giving of home stretched to do daily. My problem was completely resolved and I am back to activities the I love! 


    - Current Patient
  • I have returned for more PT and now have my husband going and both of us are very pleased!

    - Carol Hayman
  • Great Staff! Laura is OUTSTANDING!!!

    - Current Patient
  • I started coming to Neurosport Physical Therapy in 1996 after surgery on both feet. Carolyn Lawson was my therapist and she was just as determined to make me stronger as I was. Ever since, I've been coming to Neurosport, as a gym patient, twice a week since 1996. It's one of the best offers I've ever received. ALS affects almost every muscle in the body so, as a gym patient, I get weekly workouts and attention from skilled caring professionals. In fact, I think Neurosport is one reason why I'm still alive today.

    Carolyn, told me a long time ago, You will always feel better after having Physical Therapy. I thought that was hype but after bringing my weary body in, she's right.

    Susan Duffy - Patient
  • Your interest in proper form, body alignment, and technique; and the commitment to our gymnasts health is refreshing. Having a therapist on-site during competitions is a must.

    Marina Davidovich - Gymnastics Coach
  • As usual, your attentiveness to our needs has met every one of our challenges. Your therapists are terrific and I look forward to our next collaboration in the future.

    Abbie M. Strassler, General Manager - Movin' Out
  • NEURO TOUR exhibited exceptional skills in treating high performance athletes. Carolyn’s attention to detail and careful consideration of treatment possibilities was above our expectations. We would recommend NEURO TOUR to any company that wished to provide daily on-site physical therapy to its dancers.

    Diana Fairbanks, Company Manager - CONTACT, National Tour
  • Thank you for the excellent service we received from your company on our recently completed national tour of Blast! Touring with an athletic trainer on staff proved to be invaluable.

    P.D. Seltzer, Company Manager - Elton John & Tim Rice’s AIDA
  • I can't say enough about Jessica Schwartz -she gives such attention to her patients. I feel fortunate to be in her care.

    Bill Sidner - Patient
  • From the moment I met Jessica Hickinbotham I knew that my well-being was a priority to her.  Her experience and extensive knowledge of rehabilitation helped me develop trust and gain confidence during my recovery.  She was not only willing to go above and beyond to help me in my rehab but her positive attitude and charisma brought a smile to my face every day.

    Shalee Lehning - Patient and Player Atlanta Dream