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  • Ashton and Angelica have been nothing short of amazing! They are great to work with and really know exactly what I need. 

    - Danielle Gradwell
  • Couldn't have asked for better treatment. Jessica Schwartz was awesome and got me back on the court in no time. 

    - Current Patient
  • I can't speak highly enough of my treatment at Neurosport. Jessica Schwartz is wonderful! Very knowledgeable, accommodating and personable! Awesome experience!!!


    - Current Patient
  • Ashton's knowledge and expertise has helped me get moving and bending my leg as I was used to doing before my fall. I highly recommend Neurosport with great confidence! Neurosport has exceeded my expectations. I thank you very much for getting me up, moving and waking normal again.

    - Maritna Gilly
  • Ashton knew exactly what to do for my injury...after only 4 visits, I had significant improvement. Ashton has truly helped in my healing journey! Thank you!!

    - C.Leigh Cornelison
  • I can not say enough about my positive experience with Laura and the Neurosport staff. I highly recommend them.

    - Mike Schuelke
  • I liked it a lot! The attitude in PT was great. I actually looked forward to PT.

    - Current Patient
  • I am a firm believer in Physical Therapy to not only recover from the trauma of surgery but to reclaim flexibility, strength and stamina lost before the surgery. Neurosport go me "up and running" when I had hip replacement surgery in 2006 and they got me back to my beloved dogs and fishing after my recent dual knee replacement. Great People!!!

    - Bill Dodson
  • Absolutely wonderful, they make it fun and something to look forward to. Amazing knowledge and skill to back it up.

    - Paul Donahue
  • Laura is AWESOME!! Her PT has been a life saver for me smiley

    - Current Patient