Poultice Massage

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Poultice massage can complement any plan to reduce inflammation, ease tension, and relieve stiff and painful muscles.

A pure remedial blend of dried organic herbs and oils are wrapped in cloth parcels and tied to form a compress. The herbs are applied over the body to release tension. The body also absorbs the benefits of organic aromatherapy. A treatment with the heated herbal compress can also improve flexibility, range of motion, lymphatic drainage, circulation and digestion. 

Neurosport Physical Therapy Poultice Massage  

Meet the Licensed Massage Therapist 

Bradley Wells, LMT

Bradley entered the field of massage therapy becasuse of his interest in human anatomy and desire to help people. In his time at Augusta School of Massage, he learned a variety of massage modalities, including swedish, chair, myofascial realease and nueuromuscular therapy. He is also highly-trained in orthopedic assessment and manual therapy techniques. In his spare time outside of Neurosport, he enjoys playing the ukelele. Please contact Bradley Wells at bwells@neurosportga.com for any questions or to schedule an appointment.



East Cobb Buckhead

Individual Sessions

Upper Extremity

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Cranial Recovery

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Athlete's Recovery 

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