Functional Movement Screen


Available at Neurosport Functional Training

Athletic Performance is Decreased and the Risk of Injury is Increased with the Prescence of Pain or Assymetry 

The purpose of the FMS medical assessment is to determine if a significant medical problem exists that may limit performance gains or may require orthopedic attention. The goal of the FMS screen is on better movement that produces more power with less injury. This is done by first establishing correct movement patterns (good mechanics / injury prevention) and improving speed & power while maintaining correct movement (performance). Here is how the FMS process works:

PHASE 1: Assessment

During the initial session the athlete will be assessed on lifting technique, performance and movement. Video will be used to analyze specific lifting technique. The functional movement screen (FMS) will be used to identify left / right asymmetries, pain and limitations in stability or mobility during movement. The FMS produces a score based on the athlete’s ability to perform seven different movement patterns: Deep Squat, Hurdle Step, In-Line Lunge, Shoulder Mobility, Active Straight Leg Raise, Trunk Stability Push Up and Rotary Stability.   

PHASE 2: Pain / Treatment / Movement & Technique Training

Each athlete’s treatment and training plan will be individualized based on the results of the initial session.

PAIN: All of the exercises performed during the screen are fundamental movements and should not produce pain. If pain is present it is because that athlete already has an injury that is not currently fully symptomatic. It is strongly recommended to have these athletes evaluated by a medical professional familiar with the movement screen to determine the best course of action. Athletes with pain will be advised to schedule an FMS medical assessment with Neurosport Physical Therapy at 770-321-0155. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend. 

TREATMENTS: If treatments are recommended based on the above FMS medical assessment, athletes will be advised to schedule with Neurosport Physical Therapy at 770-321-0155.

These treatments will be one on one with the sole purpose to allow an athlete to move without pain, once a movement can be completed without pain the athlete will then follow up with movement classes (see below) or continue with group team training.

MOVEMENT: Movement training is essential to reduce injury risk and to establish a stabile foundation for power, speed and performance.

LIFTING TECHNIQUE: Athletes will be educated on proper lifting technique by strength and conditioning professionals at Neurosport Physical Therapy.

PHASE 3: Re-Assessment

The athlete will be re assessed on lifting technique, performance and movement at scheduled intervals and the results will be reviewed to determine how to progress each athlete toward strength and performance goals.