Underwater Treadmill

AquaCiser Treadmill

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This variable-speed underwater treadmill represents a revolution in aquatic therapy. Patients otherwise limited by pain, weakness, or weight-bearing restrictions can begin to develop strength much earlier in the rehabilitative process. Early intervention means less post-traumatic reconditioning; and subsequent gains in strength, endurance, and range of motion.

Aquaciser Treadmill Neurosport  

How does the AquaCiser Treadmill System work?

The AquaCiser Treadmill System which is offered at Neusorport Physical Therapy is an individually supervised, one-on-one therapeutic session. Each client has a specific program designed to achieve distinct goals for rehab management. Progress toward these goals are documented and related to anticipated outcomes. The water remains in a reservoir until the patient is comfortably situated in the exercise chamber, making patient access exceptionally easy. Water depth can be adjusted to a maximum of 48 inches, allowing the patient to safely comply with weight bearing restrictions - a smooth transition to land-based exercise.

What To Bring

  • Your bathing suit
  • Bathing slippers are optional
  • Towels are provided if needed
  • We also offer shorts and tee shirts if needed for water therapy


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