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We’re not.  We’ve seen it all!

"Staff is terrific!  Great facility and environment.  Everyone seems proficient, professional, friendly, and works as a team. Great experience.  Staff is great – friendly and fun.  Glad I was referred here.  Thanks!"

How long will my appointment be?

Usually about an hour. 

I don’t have insurance. Can you work out a financial agreement with me?

Because Neurosport is privately owned and independently operated, we are one of the few clinics willing to work out an individual payment plan.  Simply contact the office manager to make an arrangement that works with your lifestyle and budget.

I just want to be in better shape. Can Neurosport help?

Yes.  Neurosport offers a variety of services, including personal training, Pilates, and a weight loss program in addition to physical therapy.  We can help you increase your speed and endurance and perfect your technique.  We are truly a center for athletes.

How often will I be coming for therapy and for how long?

Your therapist will consult with your physician to determine the length and frequency of care that is most appropriate for you. Your therapist will remain in close contact with your doctor throughout your treatment via progress notes and phone calls.

Do I need a doctor referral in order to make an appointment?

No. Anyone can have an evaluation for physical therapy services. With consultation between other practitioners of the healing arts, our therapists will determine if a physician’s referral is necessary. However, if you plan to use your insurance benefits, a physician’s referral is required to ensure proper payment and billing.

I’ve had bad experiences with other physical therapists and hated every moment? How will this be different?

Many Neurosport patients comment on the huge difference in their experience here versus other clinics. Neurosport is a very happy, friendly, and calming environment. We realize that we are treating people, not injuries or diagnoses, and you’ll feel the difference immediately.

"I had previous physical therapy a long time ago for the same shoulder. I did not like the experience. Wish I had come to Neurosport then and I would have completed the therapy and not have my current problem."

I can’t get out of bed. Can a therapist come to me?

Neurosport therapists do not provide home health care, but we will happily recommend home health care providers.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothes. Feel free to change when you arrive. If you are coming for your knee or back, it is best to wear shorts. We have shorts and t-shirts available if you forget. If you are using the AquaCiser, remember your bathing suit.

Are the clinics wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Just call the clinic before you leave home or from the parking lot and we will help you with transfers and equipment. All of our locations are on street level with no steps and easy access.

What should I do if I have to cancel?

Kindly call us and let us know.

What should I expect?

You will be introduced to your physical therapist who will talk with you about your medical history and perform an evaluation. your therapist will evaluate strength, ranges of motion, general mobility and functional limitations. Treatment will generally start the same day.

What should I bring to my first appointment?

Please arrive about ten minutes early to complete paperwork and plan to spend an hour with your therapist. Bring your insurance card and your doctor’s prescription written within thirty days of your visit. Your doctor may also fax the order for therapy. If your injury is due to an auto or work-related accident, it is helpful to provide your claim number and contact person before your first visit.