• Inside Dance | Art, Heart & Soul (& Mind and Body)

    Written by Gina Pongetti Angeletti, MPT and Christy Sandmaier with Carolyn Lawson.

    "Behind the scenes of any production is a cast of writers, producers, composers, choreographers, and directors. And behind the bodies of these 'arts athletes' is a highly dedicated team of medical professionals who have a two-fold goal: keep the artists healthy for now and for the span of their career... often challenging to do together! Quite simply, if an artist isn’t healthy, the equation breaks down and their performance suffers, stressing the importance of the team keeping them healthy."

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  • Playbill | Tony Nominee Lucas Steele Looks Back on His Great Comet Opening Night

    "Stopping to pose for a picture with the team from Neurosport Physical Therapy ... because they are the reason I can STILL do Great Comet every night. Chris Koerner (on the right) has become one of my best bros. He put me back together again, after Comet wreaked havoc on my body Off-Broadway." 

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  • Playbill | His Boots Were Made for Walking: Lucas Steele’s 8-Performance Workout

    The Great Comet on Broadway Neurosport Physical Therapy

    On maintaining his body doing eight shows a week:

    "I work with an incredible physical therapy company, Neurosport Physical Therapy. And because we learned last time the challenges facing us, I was able to implement workout routines and also know how much physical therapy I would need in order to maintain that. So I work with them twice a week, and two other days a week I also see a massage therapist. So it’s four days a week I have someone’s hands on my body. [Laughs] The maintenance alone is a full-time job in order to keep doing it. I’ve never done anything this hard before, and I don’t think—well, I almost don’t want to say it, because I don’t want to do anything this hard again! But I doubt I will ever do anything this hard again in live performance."

    Read full article on Playbill here.

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