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  • Inside Dance | Art, Heart & Soul (& Mind and Body)

    Written by Gina Pongetti Angeletti, MPT and Christy Sandmaier with Carolyn Lawson.

    "Behind the scenes of any production is a cast of writers, producers, composers, choreographers, and directors. And behind the bodies of these 'arts athletes' is a highly dedicated team of medical professionals who have a two-fold goal: keep the artists healthy for now and for the span of their career... often challenging to do together! Quite simply, if an artist isn’t healthy, the equation breaks down and their performance suffers, stressing the importance of the team keeping them healthy."

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  • 2016 NASA Tophat B 99 Elite R3PL & Neurosport Soccer Screening

    2016 NASA Tophat B 99 Elite R3PL & Neurosport Soccer Screening 

  • Modern Luxury Medicine & Doctors | One to Watch: Scene Change

    • September 22nd, 2017

    Written by Riki Altman-Yee.

    "Cats in South Korea, P!nk, Neil Patrick Harris and even witches from Oz: Carolyn Lawson and her team of traveling physical therapists from NEURO TOUR have kept them and thousands of other performers from serious injuries--onstage and off. 

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  • Neurosport is Coming to Chicago!

    Chicago Illinois Neurosport Physical TherapyNeurosport Physical Therapy and NEURO TOUR are very excited to announce the grand opening of our very FIRST Chicago clinic, opening September 2016! 

    We are also proud to introduce Gena Thurston as Chicago's clinic director. Our clinic will be located at 123 W. Madison Street, Suite 200, and the hours will be 7am-7pm, Saturday by appointment. Contact us at 770-294-8539. See you in September, Windy City! 



  • Modern Luxury Medicine & Doctors | the doc is in: Hands On

    • September 22nd, 2017

    "Need balance? You're in good hands with Neurosport's Carolyn M. Lawson. Seeing no challege too great to restore body balance is Carolyn M. Lawosn, PT, FOC, ART-certified, owner and CEO of Neurosport Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Inc., which specializes in a range of services to keep you moving--from PT, chiro and functional and sports medicines to NEURO TOUR performing-arts physical therapy."

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  • Hamilton: An American Musical | Opening Night

    Neurosport's Carolyn Lawson, Gena Thurston, Gina Pongetti Angeletti, Brandi Martin celebrating the opening night of the renowned "Hamilton: An American MusicaI" in Chicago on October 19, 2016. 

    "Hamilton: An American Musical" celebrated their opening night in Chicago on October 19, 2016, at The PrivateBank Theatre, opening the Midwest iteration of the smash Broadway hit that released in 2015. Neurosport is the official physical therapy provider for Hamilton in Chicago. Gena Thurston, DPT and Clinic Director at Neurosport's Chicago clinic is providing treatment to the cast. 

    Learn more about Hamilton at Follow Gena Thurston on Instragram @gthurston88.

  • 3rd Annual Neurosport & NEURO TOUR Games 2017

    Congrats to every one who competed and made this year's Neurosport & NEURO TOUR Games such a success!

  • 2016 NASA Tophat B 99 Elite & B 98 Elite Soccer Re-Assessment

    The Neurosport team did a re-assessment with NASA Tophat's B99 and B98 Elite teams to measure the change in agility in each athlete after weeks of practice. The assessment data collected includes Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Single Leg Squat Test, Pro Agility Shuttle (aka 5/10/5 shuttle) and the Beep Test. See initial screening assessment from August in the event below. Special thank you to the wonderful Neurosport team - Jordan Brundage, Andrew Mallard, Cesar Espinoza, Tyler Bader, Logan Lefler, Ashely C., Jonathan Kim, Brien Lee, Emma Bausback, Chris Hanley and Dr. Jeffery Paul!

  • Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812 | Opening Night

    Neurosport's Carolyn Lawson, Alaina Hesse and Julie Segall celebrating the opening night of "The Great Comet" in New York on November 14, 2016. 

  • Neurosport & NEURO TOUR Holiday Party 2016