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Neurosport Functional Training

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The mission of Neurosport Functional Training is to offer the most comprehensive performance programs utilizing evidence-based research and integrated clinical techniques to ensure optimal exercise performance and quality of life.

Our specialized Functional Training programs are designed to enhance the quality of powerful movements by focusing on individual's personal deficits through full-body exercises. Correcting deficits such as mobility restrictions, mechanical instability, asymmetrical strength (one side is stronger than the other), coordination and balance allows your body to adapt to physical stress instead of breaking down. 

Every member receives a Functional Movement Screen (FMS), a test designed to measure core strength and mobility and to assess deficiencies. FMS results serve as the basis for your individualized training program. All FT members are scheduled in a class program that fits their criteria and availability. Programs are designed by our elite team of healthcare professionals and evidence-based research. All programs are conducted in a small group environment under the direction of a strength and conditioning professional. 

Membership - $170/month 
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Our goal is to make each member move better, become stronger and reduce the risk of injury.

Neurosport Functional Training Group Fitness Class East Cobb

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Measures seven fundamental functional movement patterns to identify your movement limitations and muscle asymmetries. Results can also serve as the basis for an individualized functional training program to correct and improve your specific deficiencies and prevent injuries. Click here to learn more about FMS.

Free - Members | $45 - Individuals

Neurosport Functional Training Individual Fitness East Cobb Neurosport Functional Training Individual Fitness East Cobb

Prersonal Training Sessions

Neurosport Functional Training Small Group Fitness Classes East Cobb

Individualized training for groups of one to three. 
$75 - 1 Single Session
$650 - 10 Sessions 
$1200 - 20 Sessions 

Extended Rehab  

Post-physical therapy recondition and return to activity/sport. Individual treatment provided by a Neurosport licensed physical therapist includes: 
  • Dry Needling 
  • Active Release Technique (ART) 
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Soft Tissue Cupping 
  • ImPact Concussion Testing 
  • Return to Sport Protocol
$70 - Half Hour

Recovery Room

Post-game or practice, individual treatments conducted by a licensed physical therapist, certified athletic trainer or sports chiropractor. Can include soft tissue flushing, dry needling, cupping, cryotherapy, manual stretching and joint mobilization. Add a Recovery Room membership to your existing Functional Training Membership for an additional $30/month. To learn more about Recovery Room and locations, click the button below.

$70 - Half Hour


No Challenge Too Great

Meet Our Staff

  • Bryan Eberenz, PT, DPT, CSCS

    Doctor of Physical Therapy, Facility Manager

    Bryan is a Long Island native, who recieved his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Stony Brook University. He is certified in dry needling and ART. He has specialties in Strength & Conditioning and applied Functional Science background. In Bryan's free time, you can catch him surfing, hiking, or practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He developed a curiosity of the complex human body after various injuries in Jiu Jitsu and a broken clavicle playing lacrosse.

    DPT from Stony Brook University
    Certified Stength and Conditoning Specialist, Dry Needling, ART
    Strength and Conditioning
  • Taylor Hayes

    Director of Sports Medicine

    Taylor is an Atlanta native who received his Bachelors of Athletic Training from Georgia College and State Universtiy and his Masters in Exercise Science from California University of Pennsylvania. He is a certified speed specialist and exercise specialist. Taylor enjoys playing sports, meeting new people, traveling, and being with his family. You can find him swimming, playing soccer, ultimate frisbee, and hiking! Taylor enjoys working with people, working with his hands, and being outside. Something interesting about him is that he is great with accents and loves pumpkin season in the fall!

    Georgia College and State University- BS in Athletic Training, California University of Pennsylvania- Masters in Exercise science with a concentration in Rehab Sciences
    Certified Speed Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist